Dustin Parent, Intuitive Healer

Dustin is an energy worker who specializes in intuitive coaching and psychic healing. His abilities help you to effectively clear old belief systems which allows you to come into greater alignment with your creative self.

It is a scientific fact that the human body is electric, we are “energy” and we have an electro-magnetic field of energy within and around the body. Just as easily as a bone can move out of alignment or a muscle, so can the energy waves. Because all parts of our system (Physical, Mental and Emotional) initiate in the energy field, a well balanced field will support its own healing process. In turn, the body begins releasing unwanted stress, toxins, beliefs and disease.

Success Stories

There are two types of healers. One type will help you forget your problems/pain. You will feel good in the moment. The other type of healer is the alchemist. This healer would never shy away from your pain because he/she holds a deep mystical secret: That in the problem/pain, lies the solution/ cure.

The alchemist is fearless because regardless of how devastating and uncomfortable this pain may be, it doesn’t stand a chance against the light of love. In fact, the more frightening this pain is, the hungrier it is to be seen and held in love.


There is no fluff here, no self-aggrandizing or outlandish claims, just the truest definition of a friend that says, “Tell me where it hurts. Let’s love it together.”

How do I know this?

I witnessed Dustin working with my mother, a woman I’d known all of my life, my closest friend, and I witnessed my mother releasing and sharing things that I’m not certain she even knew were contained in her heart. Afterwards, we both gazed at each other in amazement. Memories from her childhood came flooding in. She roared in pain, yet, within seconds, it was gone. Not only was it gone, but her face literally morphed in front of me. My mother appeared to be 20 years younger. I can’t even begin to describe what happened in the following months. Was my mother magically healed of her cancer? No. But is that the healing her soul was seeking? My mother was healed to the point of being fearless upon facing death, ultimately inviting it even. The true healer knows that the greatest of healings is the loss of fear of "death".

Dustin is who I call when the pain becomes unbearable. I’ve had phone and in-person sessions and they’ve been equally powerful and effective. And just like he did that day for my mother, he helps me see the light much sooner than I would have on my own. 

If you’re ready to slay the dragon, this is the person that will stand beside you.

~Fatima, ER Doctor

“Prior to working with Dustin, I was suffering from physical pain and was confused about making decisions in my life. Dustin assisted me in merging with my inner child, calming the chatter of outside voices and learning how to listen to my body and hear my own inner guidance. The course of my life has changed dramatically through working with Dustin, I have a new found confidence, understanding, and love of myself and life. Now that my body, mind, and spirit are in alignment, I feel like I have had a new rebirth and purpose in life. Thank you Dustin for helping me appreciate and trust my own intuition. Your services have been invaluable.” 

~Nicole Schaldone, Registered Dietitian and owner Nourish to Heal

 ”I was simply blown away by my sessions with Dustin. Little did I know my full potential lay right below the surface. Dustin’s gentle and guiding presence helped me to begin the process of clearing the negative parts of my being; parts hindering my process as an individual. At the same time he helped to release the life-giving, vibrant aspects within me, thus creating more clarity, synergy, and happiness in my life. Surprisingly even weeks after our sessions, in person and on the phone, the waves of inspiration continue to wash over me and I’m loving getting to know the real me who is emerging.” 

~Denise Evarts, Teacher

“After only 4 sessions with Dustin, I was able to clear many emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that have been creating anxiety in my life for many years. This has created space for me to explore following my intuition and learning more about myself. I have been anxiety free since our initial session and have found a new love for life. Dustin’s guidance is uplifting and he has given me the support I need to move forward with things in my life that bring me the most joy. My heart is singing.”

~ Jennifer B, Mother