My name is Dustin Parent. I am an artist, father, filmmaker and writer. 

In my recent endeavor, I have been deconstructing biblical figures from their formal pomp-and circumstance of golden untouchables to a more urban, street feel.

Since the Bible remains a controversial text, it is through this installation that I hope to juxtapose criticism and acclaim for some of the complexities that have been brought about by it’s presence.

While I use a variety of processes in each project, I stick to the same methodologies of blending and layering acrylic and spray paint, giving it that worn out street look. Sometimes all a piece needs is to get a good toss across the concrete floor, or a scrapping off of paint with any object available, in the end the paintings tend to be crude plays on the original figure, saturated in color and noise.

I’m constantly finding further inspiration from the doldrums of every day life. The connection of the unseen spirit to the tangible physical keeps me constantly breaking out my sketchpad in public spaces in an attempt to document the veil between the two worlds.